Environmental issues occurring in the communities somehow crack a terror as the negative effect that can endanger our lives. Many initiatives have been created to prevent the worst that can happen. However, of all fields, art is a powerful tool to support the movement of making a better world. To spread this notion, Gong Laut alongside with Manik Bumi and IDKA (as the promoter of the event) embarks to deliver an art forum involving 16 artists from across the world to showcase a collaborative artwork delivering positive messages to the society to be the wakeup call for conserving the environment from 28 October to 4 November 2018 in Singaraja, North Bali.

An array of activities related to the environment sustainability particularly to the marine industry will be held at this event. The artists will stimulate the awareness of conserving the ocean through their collaborative artworks. The objectives of this eight-day event itself include to create an ART forum to discuss environmental issue occurring in the world, to encourage people to preserve the environment through involving in the discussion and art workshops, as well as to connect all layers of communities to create something together through art for preserving the environment. Joining the venture is Undiksha (Ganesha University of Education) that supports for hosting a few of the discussions and workshops. The main reason the university works together with Gong Laut is that the similar vision and mission.

Rooting from Indonesian proverb “Bagai Menggarami Lautan” (as if seasoning the ocean) which has connotative meaning to do something useless, this forum instead is inspired by the philosophy of the salt itself. Salt is a modicum. Thus the theme “Seasoning the Ocean” is an invitation to take actions for our ocean by doing a small thing.

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