Workshop “Plasticology”

29 October 2018


At SD Lab Ganesha University of Education

Plasticology is a terminology that combines the word plastic and ecology. It is to deliver the message of reusing plastic waste to something useful. Through the artworks of Made Bayak, an Indonesian artist who is also an activist for the environment, this workshop will create awareness and movement to give people a lifestyle alternative in sustaining the environment. Abel Peeters and Hagar Peeters will also appear at this event.


Workshop “Our Story”

30 October 2018


At Mahima Community

Experiential sharing started by the artists then to be delivered to young generations who attend the workshop. It is a story telling about what their ancestors have told them and it is delivered on a form of poetry or short story. The artists who will give the discussion topic are Afrizal Malna, Samar Gantang, Michael Augustin, Sujata Bhatt and Cok Sawitri.


“What History Reveals”

31 August 2018

At Ganesha University of Education

10.00 – 12.00

The discussion is open to break down problems in the present time through the perspective of the past. At Singaraja Museum where Balinese Lontar Book is stored will be the place for organizing the discussion. Samar Gantang will talk about the spiritual side of the ancient perspective, about Balinese cosmos that related to environment, tourism, nature and culture that that almost cease to an end. While Tania Haberland will open a discussion about Mauritius’s mythology that also ceases to an end due to tourism.


Workshop “Producing energy using plastic”

31 October 2018

At Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha)

By equipping simple tools, Bagus Dimas Wijanarko with the community, “Get Plastik” will lead a workshop to show people how turning plastics into energy. The innovation has counted him to be one of local heroes that reducing plastic waste.


“Beyond Troubled Water(s)”

1 November 2018

At Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha)


A discussion about how we see the ocean in the present days where a lot of problems have happened under the water and how the problems affect our lives. On the discussion will be presented artworks by Di Lu Galay (Myanmar), and Indra Wussow (German), sculpture from Chris Soal and painting from Jaco van Schalkwyk (South Africa). The artists will also give writing workshop and drawing for the kids.


“Understanding Green Thinking”

2 November 2018


At Ganesha University of Education

Discussion with Helga Trupel, German Politician, a member of European Parliament since 2004, taking role in Green Party/EFA Group It will present the relation between academia, artists, humanist, and young communities involving in the society. It includes Nur Hidayati, the executive director of WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia) who has been dealing with green developments in Indonesia and Carolyn Forché, a poet, human rights activist and a professor who leads “Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practise” in Georgetown University, Washington, an institution focusing on innovative arts and social involvement that connect poetry and other applied arts. The discussion may vary from the research of education, technology and other topics related to green environment.

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